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Hey, everyone. Simeon here, or as I sometimes like to call myself, #1 Assistant! :iconhappyspikeplz:

Why the snazzy title, you ask? I'll tell you! It's because I'll be assisting my buddy Shawn, aka Peruserofpieces at Bronycon where he'll be selling his fabulous plushies! :la: If you haven't seen his work, check it out and don't forget to add him to your watch list for prevews of what we'll have at Bronycon! You can also find Peruser's Plushies on Facebook and Tumblr if you like. And while you're at it, you could follow me on Twitter for updates during the convention. So now that we all know each other, onward to plushies!

Princess Twilight Sparkle -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Rainbow Dash -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Fluttershy -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Applejack -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Pinkie Pie -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces    Rarity -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Apple Bloom -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Scootaloo -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Sweetie Belle -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces

Derpy Hooves -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Lyra Heartstrings -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Octavia -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Vinyl Scratch -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Maud Pie, with Boulder -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Snowdrop -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Flutterbat -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces
Spitfire -- Bronycon 2014 by Peruserofpieces

If you don't see the pony you want (or aren't attending Bronycon) you can always inquire about a commission. Speaking of which, if you fancy a celebrity endorsement, check out Andy Price receiving the Wheat Grass plushie he commissioned from Shawn last year. 

"We were just at Bronycon and there's a dealer I've seen a couple of times that sells really high-end plushes...this is just as good." -Andy Price

Mares are about 16" tall, so they're big enough for maximum cuddles. They're made of minky fabric and have embroidered eyes and cutie marks, a short wire support to keep their tails perky, and are all made from Shawn's unique pattern. Remember, these are Peruserofpieces' work, not mine. You can contact him directly if you have any super-specific questions :) Prices are still being finalized but I can tell that they will be competitive for the type of plushie you'll be getting.

Look for us at booth #218 in the artists' alley and don't forget to check out all the other amazing artists while you're there! Even if you're not in the market for a plushie, stop by and say hi! Hope to see you all at Bronycon and I'd love to assist you in finding the perfect plushie :D

Map by SimeonLeonard
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30 days 'till Bronycon! Will I be seeing any of you lovelies there? 

8 deviants said No :( (you can still comment if you want...)
4 deviants said Yes! I'm going! (please comment!)


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thank you so much for the watch and +fav  
La la la la Hug 
SimeonLeonard Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure! :)
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My pleasure, and same to you!
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Thanks for the llama!
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